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Signature Brownies, Jenekek, Lotus Cheesecake

Gift this beautiful platter box of desserts by home based Muslim owned vendor @imcollectionz where you’ll surprise your special someone with delicious homemade chocolate fudgey brownies, decadent scones, addictive chocolate mousse, wonderful soft nougats and a wonderful selection of premium nuts!

If you’re one, like us, who love chocolate fudgey brownies, you’ll love the ones baked by @imcollectionz. It is said that fudgy brownies have a higher fat-to-flour ratio than cakey ones but let us tell you, it is so worth it! We love how rich and dense these little gems are that you’d pair them with coffee, tea or even milk, it’s a sure pick-me-up!

These scones may be petit in size but you’d be surprise by how lovely these scones are! Buttery and simply decadent, we love the biscuit-like texture particularly with the sweet and slight sourness from the Sultana raisin ones that comes with every bite! It’s so yummy that you can even forgo the clotted cream or fruit jam!

Adorable and bite-sized, we love these soft nougats that comes in various types. Some with nuts and others with bits of fruits (like strawberries) encased within the sugary chewy nougat, these little nuggets make wonderful treats to enjoy as you work through the day. We love it!

We love the taste of chocolate flavour in these chocolate mousse. Strong and distinct, but not bitter or overpowering. We love the consistency and texture to it too. And we certainly love the after effects it gave us! That delicious end to a perfect dessert time with your loved ones!

Get your Platter Boxes today!

Platter Box (Available in Mini and Standard size)

Price list: $20 (mini), $30 (standard)

The difference between the Mini and Standard sized ones are the quantities of each bakes in the platter box.


Did you know the ingredients to make Jenekek is fairly simple yet only a few vendors are able to make them soft and fluffy with a slight crisp on the outer layer!

Halal and home based seller @imcollectionz is one such vendor that provides super soft, fluffy and fragrant deep-fried Jenekek!

Available in fried and dough, these jenekek makes the perfect afternoon snack especially when it is paired with your favourite cup of coffee or tea. Heck, we would even savour these for breakfast any given day! They are that good!

Jenekeks are essentially made from flour and sugar. The ingredients are mixed where the dough is stretched into a beautiful supple and slightly stretchy consistency before it is slipped into a hot wok to be deep fried.

Best eaten hot and crisp, bite into these jenekek where the young and old will savour them endlessly!

@imcollectionz also bakes some serious Lotus Cheesecakes for your party needs!

It’s hard not to love Lotus Biscoff because this European spread made from the famous Lotus Biscoff cookies (aka Speculoos) is absolutely addictive!

Enjoy the crushed Lotus biscuits in its crust, rich, creamy and purely decadent cheesecake in the filling beautifully blended with the melted spread of more Lotus and crumbs on its top!

Sweet and addictive, the Lotus cheesecake is something you wind down and look forward to after a hard day’s work.

We appreciate the consistency similar to peanut butter, but tastes like a cross between graham crackers, digestive biscuits and gingersnaps. Warm with subtle notes of cinnamon, ginger and other spices, and cozy with an iconic caramelized flavor. What more can we say?

Price list: $10 (fried) $12 (dough)
Contact details: 91174088 (Whatsapp only)

Common ingredients used: Biscoff Biscuits, High Quality Cream Cheese
Price list: $35
PO Order: Weekends (Fridays to Sundays) *advance order of 3 days*

11 reviews

  1. Brownie and jenekek

    Ordered her jenekek and brownie on 2 different occassion. Loved the brownie as it is not too sweet!
    Jenekek also very nice. Relive the childhood memories of my mum making it for us

  2. Sedap tak?

    Very 1st time I tried the jenekek, that’s the exact taste of my childhood. My late mum used to make. Didn’t expect i get to taste them again. Then I tried the brownies…ooooh that really made my day! Then comes the cheesecake. My son who is not a fan of cheesecake finished for the 1st time…so yummy! Me? I savouring it to the very last bite. I didn’t try the lotus because I’m not a fan of biscoff lotus. Hahhaaaa!

  3. Traditional meets modern

    My go to place for jenekek. It’s difficult to get my hands on this traditional snack and IM’s tastes exactly like my aunt’s To add on, her cheesecake and brownies are equally delectable. Not too dense and jelak. Just nice.

    Also, she provides good service

  4. Always a fan of your bakes

    The bakes are too addictive. Ordering 1 is just never enough; Irregardless of bakes. Ive tried most of it and its really good. Her chewy brownies, and especially the jenekek. Superrrr addictive please! The cheesecake portion may look small but the taste is just perfect! Ive yet to try the lotus cheesecake tho! Will try soon, ya!

  5. Its a MUST to try !

    Alhamdulillah, glad to have a great baker neighbour just next door !
    All her bakes wonders ok , NO gimmick !
    Tried her brownies to cheesecake , muffins , cookies , jenekek & all la really sedap ..
    Addictive hor !
    No joke !
    Thumbs up sis Idah !
    Continue baking & we will definitely support u !

  6. Addictive

    Bought Idah’s Chicago Cheesecake, Scones, Signature Brownies and Jenekek for events and for my family. Undoubtly delicious, addictive, appetizing.. It is gone within minutes. Definitely a Must Try!

  7. Jenekek terbaik!

    1st time ordering, will definitely place order again its really . Especially the jenekek. Superrrr addictive very soft and most important it not oily. The cheesecake portion may look small but the taste is just perfect! You will want to buy and give it a try with no regrets .

  8. Talented Baker. Biscoff cheesecake is amazing!

    This lady is talented when it comes to baking! She’s a natural! She started off with selling red velvet cupcakes years ago. The cupcakes was moist and flavourful. Now, she has moved on to baking many other different bakes. Her meringues which she sells for Raya is addictive too! recently I tried her Biscoff cheesecake and I was blown away by the taste! The fillings are so generous. Even Starbuck’s cheesecake ain’t got nothing on it! It’s so cheesy and the crust is thick and crunchy! All her bakes are affordable and definitely not to be missed. I’d say go for it! ❤❤❤❤

  9. The best jenekek

    Have been trying to find nice and soft jenekek for the longest time. So glad to have tried hers and will repeat order whenever im craving for jenekek. Reminded me of my mum’s jenekek!

  10. Brownies

    I love brownies ! It is my go-to dessert. Now that I know I can easily order it from IM Collectionz, life just gets a bit more sweeter and simpler ^^ The brownie tastes good and it’s not too sweet and dry. I ordered the Biscoff S’mores Brownies for teachers’ day and was truly delighted to know that my colleagues enjoyed it too. I also love the efficiency of Kak Idah to respond to messages and that makes her customer service experience a good one ☺️

  11. Amazing Cheesecake, Traditional Jenekek

    One of the best cheesecakes I ever had. Creamy and divine, taste is just nice! The jenekek, traditionally done, and once you pop, you cant stop!

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