Ikin Kitchen SG

Ikin’s Cheng Teng from Ikin Kitchen SG is unique and different. A Halal home based vendor specialising in hot and cold Cheng Teng, the Cheng Teng consists of red dates, longan and snow fungus.

Instead of the usual barley or yam, ginko nuts and sago, Ikin Kitchen SG has substituted her take on Cheng Teng with winter melon, goji berries and peach resin (a natural form of collagen).

Founder of Ikin Kitchen SG, Shikin Roslan was taught by her Chinese friend before she embarked making the Cheng Teng on her own. By far, it has been a year making Cheng Tengs for family gatherings and celebrations. With the tremendous support from family and friends, Shikin continues to sell the beneficial Cheng Teng to others in hopes that everyone would get a taste of her special Cheng Teng.

Shikin says she is currently experimenting with other dessert recipes and will be sharing these in due time!

Common ingredients used: Red dates, longan, snow fungus, goji/wolfberries, winter melon, peach resin (collagen) & rock sugar

Price list: $5 for small bowl (540ml), $25 for “Share Share” bowl (2700ml)
Delivery Timings: Weekends 1-5pm, Weekdays 8-10pm
Founder’s names: Shikin Roslan (98892615)

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