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Sushi Bakes

It’s comforting, filling and most importantly, they are super TASTY! We’re referring to delicious Sushi Bakes by Happiness in a Box @happinessinabox!

Made available for your crazy sushi cravings, Happiness in a Box specialises in delicious Sushi Bakes with awesome toppings including Salmon Mentaiko, Beef Teriyaki, Mixed (Mixture of Kani, Mayo, Cucumber, Tamago & Tobiko), Kani Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Unagi, Beef Mentaiko, Chuka Idako and Spicy Tuna.

The Halal home based vendor serves up full and half-half trays of sushi bakes for your party needs where you’d get addicted to this innovative manner of enjoying sushi in no time!

Truly, the sushi bake has all the hallmarks of a great dish waiting to be brought to a potluck: highly shareable; delicious warm; rich and creamy. And because the sushi bakes essentially requires you to feed yourselves by hand, they are also fun for the kids to devour it by themselves!

The fillings and toppings are generous and fresh. Each tray is firstly packed with short grain premium Japanese white rice. Topped with premium ingredients like grilled Unagi, Salmon Mentaiko or Beef Teriyaki, these sushi bakes are then stowed away in ovens to bake like casseroles!

With a taste of the sea, the Salmon Mentaiko comes with a whole layer of baked salmon with a rich and creamy Japanese mayonnaise and Furikake. What you will enjoy is a blend of delicious creamy salmon goodness with a natural sweet and salty flavour of toasted sesame seeds and nori.

Fancy the sweet and salty take on beef teriyaki. Imagine devouring this authentic beef dish with a mouthful of comforting sushi rice! Very hearty and tasty indeed!

The Mixed sushi bake is made with of Kani, Mayo, Cucumber, Tamago & Tobiko. It may appear simple but it’s anything but. The blend of umami, salty and sweet flavours with a dallop of wasabi is very addictive!

Grilled to perfection, the Unagi used in this sushi bake is thick and huge. A subtle sweet flavour of the fish that has a close resemblance to the taste of catfish, the Unagi sushi bake is another bestseller at @happinessinabox that’s child-friendly too!

It’s worth purchasing more than 2 trays to try out all the flavours because you’ll be guaranteed quality and generous portions of the sushi bakes for you and your family!

Available Flavours of Happiness In a Box Sushi Bakes:

Salmon Mentaiko
Beef Teriyaki
Mixed (Mixture of Kani, Mayo, Cucumber, Tamago & Tobiko)
Kani Mayo
Tuna Mayo
Unagi (Add +$5)
Beef Mentaiko
Chuka Idako
Spicy Tuna

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