Halal Surechang

Kue Chang & Laksa

Whether there is a new trending food appearing on the news feed of Facebook or Instagram, no one can deny their love from traditional dumplings like Bak Chang or Kue Chang!

Halal Surechang is a Halal home based vendor that specialises in KUE chang and Nyonya laksa where they still keep to authentic flavours regardless the ever-changing culinary landscape in Singapore.

Halal Surechang sells kue chang with various flavours including chicken black pepper, chicken black pepper with salted egg, beef rendang, beef rendang with salted egg, chicken satay and beef satay.

Indeed, Halal Surechang does a clever twist to the original kue chang where typically you would expect glutinous rice grains with five-spice powder, dark soy sauce, marinated meat and chestnuts wrapped neatly in bamboo leaves in the shape of pyramids.

Halal Surechang, however, adds a playful twist to the authentic kue Chang’s glutinous rice by immersing traditional Malay culinary elements of rendang and satay to it.

What you get is an amalgamation of distinct flavours of Malay and Chinese flavour complexities which somehow marries very well together!

Another dish patronised by many is the Laksa. With the use of specific ingredients, fresh aromatic herbs go into the making of the broth. It’s irresistable fragrant and you would understand why. This dish comprise of a concoction of fresh chillies, dried chillies, lemongrass, dried shrimps and belacan all cooked in a prawn stock and coconut milk. To be eaten with a dollop (or two) of sambal chilli cockles, it is truly a distinctive cuisine that simply explodes with flavours!

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