Fusionrollz is a Halal Home Based Muslim Owned vendor selling Halal Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Founded by Fika, savouring Fusion Rollz brings us back to Vietnam with their freshly made Vietnamese rolls!

They have three signature rolls, The Viet Prawn Rolls, The Beef Bulgogi Rolls, and Mango Chicken Rolls.

The Viet Prawn Rolls are filled with thick succulent prawns tucked in together with fresh vegetables and Vietnamese white noodles. With it’s complementing side sauce, this is one of the most healthiest treat to have any time of the day!

As for the Beef Bulgogi Rolls, it’s a mixture of spicy and juicy from the marinated beef that goes perfectly with homemade Korean Hot sauce. It’s the perfect beautiful blend of Korean and Vietnamese street food.

Don’t be fooled by Fusionrollz Chicken Mango Rolls for it’s such a refreshing twist to the usual Vietnamese Prawn rolls. Who would have thought that the perfect combination of fresh juicy mango and grilled chicken makes a great spring roll!

One bite from one of the rolls is like listening to your favourite music on on replay, well until the next thing you realise you’ve finished all of the rolls. Hence, be sure to place extra orders for your family and friends!


Signature Menu

1x Vietnamese Prawn Roll @ $3
1x Beef Bulgogi Roll @ $3
1x Chicken Mango Roll @$3

Premium Menu

1x Rokt Laks (Smoked Salmon) Roll @ $3.80
1x Ultimate Roll @ $3.80

Opening Hours:
Every week on Sunday (latest Monday), Fusion Rolzz will post the OPEN order dates for placement of orders min. 2 days/ week (1 Weekday and weekend)

Contact details:

Fika (92954382)
Mizli (94510987)

For more information you can check out their Instagram- @fusionrollz

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