Forget Me Not

Cupcakes and Madeleines

Forget Me Not is a Halal home based bakery that specialises in beautiful crafted cupcakes and madeleines. Their four cupcake flavours include S’Moreo, Seri Muka, Caramelo Ros, and Tropical Burst. Their madeleines are available in two flavours namely Sweet Almond and Red Velvet Ripple!

From the first glance, you would appreciate the handcrafted art that these bakers have put in to create such beautiful dessert pieces. From the gleaming cream in bright colours of lime green and white cream (seri muka), dashing blue cream against an oreo based cupcake to an elegant peachy cream hue of caramel for the caramel-based cupcake Caremelo-Ros and a zesty and robust Tropical burst of a peach-based cupcake, you would sit in wonder just looking at these cupcakes before you savour them in sheer delight!

Each flavour of the cupcake and madeleine carry its own unique texture and taste. For instance, we love the true combination of Oreo and Marshmallow in S’Moreo’s. Seri Muka is a vanilla-based cupcake with pandan custard and sprinkled with toasted coconut flakes. The Carmelo Ros a caramel crunch-based cupcake topped with choco white pearl, and lastly, the Tropical Burst; a peach based cupcake with mango curd fillings.

The Sweet Almond madeleine is a lovely combination of butter, honey, and almond. It’s light and soft flavour and texture pairs so well with your cup of hot tea! The Red Velvet Ripple madeleine is not only elegant in appearance but taste too! It’s filled with chocolatey Nutella in the inside and coated with chocolate on the outside. Even the lightly green hued Matcha Madeleines makes a lovely treat to your afternoon coffee break!

Forget Me Not treats are indeed a perfect gift to someone! Get yours today!

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