Food4love SG is a Halal Home Based baker that bakes various goods including sweet and savoury baklava bracelets, Choux Bomz, brownies and tarts of several flavours including ondeh ondeh and red velvet!

The vibrant colours and flavours exuded by these bakes are simply gorgeous and captivating such that you’d be tempted to try all at once.

Baklava rings or baklava bracelets are trending where many bakers specialise in nutella toppings but Food4love SG extends that to include savoury ones. These include Sardines Baklava and Egg May Baklavas. An interesting twist to a traditional dessert, these savoury baklavas make a great breakfast choice for the young and old!

Choux Bomz are essentially French Choux pastries, a delicate pastry dough used in many pastries. Typically it contains only butter, water, flour, and eggs. However, Food4love SG adds a local palate to this by introducing local flavours including Kaya Butter and Biscoff. Quite evidently, these Choux Bomz are as colourful as its experimental baker!

Even the brownies are a much darker shade than the usual chocolate fudgey brownies you would easily find. Dense and rich, these Blackout Brownies comes in various flavours including Biscoff, Sea salt Nutella, Cadbury Oreo and Peanut Butter. We love it because of its distinct colour especially where this makes a great gift for your loved ones.

From Nutella tarts to Ondeh Ondeh and Red Velvet ones, Food4love SG ar nails them expertly in terms of colours and flavours. You need not wait for festivities to get a box for yourselves! Comes at a very affordable price, Food4love SG are indeed one of the most sought after!

Baklava Ring
Common ingredients used: Fillo pastry, Chocolates, Nuts
Price list: 16pcs/$20

Savory Baklava (Egg Mayo)
Common ingredients used: Fillo pastry, Egg
Price list: 16pcs/$22

Choux Bomz (Kaya Butter, Nutella, Biscoff)
Common ingredients used: Butter, flour, eggs, Milk
Price list:
9pcs/ $30(Big)

Blackout Brownies (Biscoff, Sea salt Nutella, Cadbury Oreo, Peanut Butter)
Common ingredients used: Belgian chocolate, egg, flour, butter
Price list: 4pcs / $16

Nutella tart, ondeh² tart, red velvet tart
Common ingredients used: Flour, butter, egg
Price list: 50pcs/ $22, 3btl @ $60

Nutella S’mores tart
Common ingredients used: flour, butter, marshmallow, nutella
Price list: 36pcs / $35

Opening hours: All day, Everyday.😉
Contact details: IG/FB @Food4love.Sg / WhatsApp 97500717 / Email:

Founder’s names: Nur Farhana

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  1. Our mouth-watering tartlets

    Love the cookies from love4food, all her tartlets was heaven and worth craving for. Her smores was mouth-watering too for my kids. All above i will give a 10 thumbs up! Congrats! You got me as your long term customer.

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