Flour Chronicles

Flour Chronicles

Flour Chronicles is a Halal Home Based bakery that specialises in Cinnamon rolls, Baklava rings and Italian bombolinis among many others.

Everyone would agree that Homemade cinnamon rolls are so much better than any you’d get at the store. This is true especially when you get a taste of the cinnamon rolls from Flour Chronicles. Made with the freshest ingredients, the sweet and savoury cinnamon rolls are extremely addictive!

Big, fluffy, soft and absolutely delicious, these cinnamon rolls are packed with fillings like Pandan Cream Cheese, Sticky Pecan and coffee sugar glaze. For savoury, it’s packed with turkey bacon, garlic & cheese! Oh yummy!

Why we also love it? The bun itself is so soft that it’s a joy eating these rolls for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Italian bombolinis comes in various of flavours too including thai milk tea, mango tango, chocolate hazelnut, vanilla custard, strawberry jam, key lime curd and vanilla sea salt caramel. This list of flavours could go on and on which is something we love because this baker certainly knows how to experiment!

Flour Chronicles also serves deliciously crisp baklava rings with flavours like pistachio, white chocolate and raspberry swirl.

Truly, Flour Chronicles is indulgence, giving little joyful moments in your life that require a little something special!

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