Eshal Tarts


Eshal Tarts is a halal home-based business that serves homemade sweet little treats in Singapore.

Eshal Tarts was founded in 2018 where the main reason for the launch of the bakery was because of Eshal herself. Diagnosed with chronic lung disease and heart complications early on, Eshal was raised in the NICU for three months. Her mother, who had to quickly raise funds to support the medical costs set up the bakery selling desserts including Italian bombilinis and Cheesecakes.

Eshal Tarts Mini Boms, a donut with chocolate filling on the inside. Starting with the donut’s dough itself, the outside texture is soft and light as a pillow while the filling is creamy and chocolatey, guaranteeing a full bomb of chocolate that entirely melts in your mouth. One bite of this would remind you of your time at your grandmama’s home where she would welcome you openly with her warm chocolate treats!

Nutella Pods are also a Signature at Eshal Tarts. Shaped as a mini tart, the tart crust is slightly soft and it goes so well with the chocolate fillings too. It’s never overbaked, so it doesn’t give you the hard and crumbly crust whenever you take a bite. The Nutella pods actually have that tender- cookie texture, which goes well with the Nutella filling.

Eshal Tarts’ Biscoff Cheesecake is a must-try where this is a great companion for your every mood! The cheesecake has three layers that start with a cookie crumb crust as a base, creamy second layer with the last layer of and cover it with luscious Biscoff cream, topping it with the Lotus biscoff biscuit itself. It’s best consumed chilled as you’d be enjoying this like an ice cream!

You can go to their Instagram – @nur.eshal.chan to order your own treats.

Opening hours:
9am – 9pm

Pricing list:

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