Eryna’s Kitchen

Eryna’s Kitchen, also known as Mazandy79 on Instagram is a Halal home based vendor that specialises in

• Barbeque Chicken Wing Set
• Fudgy Brownies
• Nutella Bombolinis

Eryna’s Kitchen Barbeque Chicken Wing Set is similar to those served at restaurants. Delicious, sloppy and juicy, these hot wings are a favourite among regulars at Eryna’s Kitchen. Deep fried to perfection, we could taste the amazing blend of flavours like paprika, cayenne pepper, butter, hot sauce, ground black pepper and garlic powder.

A classic staple and a must have in every party table!

Another must have staple at your dinner table is their Fudgey Brownies. Eryna’s Kitchen bakes fudgey brownies that are dense, with a moist, intensely chocolatey topping all thanks to the Nutella spread!

We also love the mini Bombolinis from Eryna’s Kitchen. These mini Italian doughnuts are a cross between crunchy churros and soft, fluffy beignets. Sweet with a wonderful filling Nutella or sweet buttery sugar, these are definitely comfort food. Oh yum!

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