Nasi Kerabu

Wouldn’t you agree that the striking Nasi Kerabu or Blue Pea Rice truly encapsulates the flavour of the Kelantanese culture? It’s true beauty and multitude of delicious textures and taste is what makes the Nasi Kerabu dished out by halal home based Muslim owned vendor D’Nurs really unforgettable.

D’Nurs specialises in Nasi Kerabu and it is this dish that is something you definitely have to try. This Nasi Kerabu guarantees a burst of flavour that is appreciated by those who love rustic and authentic Malay ingredients!

We love the tinted blue rice that is made possible by the bunga telang flowers, a star ingredient that the rice is cooked with. The fresh urap made of kacang botok, chopped long beans and serunding kelapa, coupled with boiled salted egg, crisp fish crackers, and turmeric grilled chicken. All these makes a delicious feast!

The Kuah Tumis Nasi Kerabu, a condiment that comes with the Nasi Kerabu dish is rich, creamy and spiced, which makes this feast tastier.

Hence, if you’re looking for something truly scrumptious and flavourful without skipping on a healthy diet, Nasi Kerabu by D’Nurs is definitely worth your try!

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