Dish By Mamafai

Chicken Arab Rice

If you’re looking for a delicious meal of Arab Rice for your get-to-gether party, look no further than @dishbymamafai !

@Dishbymamafai is a Halal Home based vendor specialising in Chicken Arab Rice.

@dishbymamafai certainly does not disappoint in terms of taste and portion. If anything, we were wow-ed by the sheer generosity of Arab Rice, chicken and accompanying condiments!

Indulge in delicious, juicy, succulent chicken Arab placed on a bed of aromatic, fragrant and fluffy Arabic rice that it certainly puts anyone in a celebratory mood.

We absolutely love the distinct fragrant of spices used in the Arab Rice including cumin, turmeric and black pepper. We’re also able to get hints of cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, and cloves! What we know as the hawaij spice mix, this is what essentially makes the whole Arab Rice dish really fragrant and delicious.

There’s also a distinct roast fragrant to the dish giving an overall smoky flavour to the rice and chicken. This comes to no surprise as we know that the method of cooking also involves cooking the rice and meat in a slow-cooked oven.

As the cooking technique is thought to be laborious and slow, we would definitely recommend having @dishbymamafai Arab Rice on special occasions including weddings and birthdays! Even year end get-togethers are always a great idea with the Chicken Arab Rice dish!

Have every spoonful of the Chicken Arab Rice with the Zahawig or Zhoug as a spicy chilli dip/sauce similar to salsa and the refreshing Cucumber Yoghurt Raita, you’re good to celebrate all night long!

4 reviews

  1. Super super SEDAPPP!

    The dish will definitely make you crave for more. Everything is incredibly flavorful, from the fluffy rice, to the moist chicken, and the punch you in the face (in a good way) sauces. Will buy it monthly and will definitely recommend it to anyone.

  2. Power Nasi Arab

    Power to the max….my whole family luv it. No words can describe…tried ordering from other online HBB but still preferred from dishbyMamafai

  3. Perghh..

    Excellent dish. No regrets.

  4. Rich in Flavours

    The dish is full of rich flavours and is well balanced out by the spicy salsa sauce and refreshing raita sauce. No regrets!

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