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Traditional Malay Cooking Paste

Living in Singapore, we all know how little time we have to cook up something extravagant and scrumptious for the family! Especially during the weekdays, we’d think twice (maybe thrice) to cook Lemak Chilli Padi, Rendang or Ayam Masak Merah. Fret not! Dapur Asmah certainly has got you covered! A Halal Home based Muslim-owned vendor that proudly specialises in homemade recipe paste has indeed given much relief to working mothers and tired grandmothers to cook up tasty traditional Malay dishes in a flash!

A simple yet very deliciously creamy and spicy chicken dish for the whole family. This famous Malay dish originated from Negeri Sembilan. There is no frying involved; just simmering until the dish is fragrant! If you don’t wish to use chicken, just substitute it with prawn, squid or fish!

Rendang is a traditional food originating from West Sumatra and prepared by the Minangkabau people. The long shelf life of rendang is thought to be contributed by the spices used during the cooking process. You get all the spices from Dapur Asmah’s paste, that’s for sure! We love the aroma, texture and flavours all packed within the recipe.

The lovely combination of sweet, sour and spicy certainly gives you the kick in every bite of your chicken cooked in the ayam masak merah paste. This is an excellent dish to have with just plain white rice. We love the rich slightly creamy spicy and sour tomato based sauce where finishing it up all of it is a must to complete your meal!

Asam Pedas, or literally “sour spicy,” is another classic Malay dish to have with just plain white rice. The sauce is the true essence of what makes a superb Asam Pedas dish. With spices like daun kesum, chilli, garlic, lemongrass and belacan (shrimp paste), this dish is truly aromatic and makes you dizzy with hunger by the time the fish of your choice hits the pot. It sizzles and you truly can’t wait to dig into this sour, fiery hot Asam pedas! Truly extraordinary and satisfying!

We don’t know about you but we love dipping our loaves into a good pot of Chicken Curry. And we absolutely love dipping into Dapur Asmah Chicken Curry! The savoury spices like cumin and turmeric certainly gives a give the curry a deep, earthy flavour while the sweet spices like cinnamon and cloves adds a whole new dimension to the curry-packed Chicken Curry Mamak!

Seriously, who can resist Bakso Noodle Soup? Make one for yourselves with Dapur Asmah’s Indonesian Meatball and Noodle Soup paste and you’d be reminiscing of Jakarta! Add in chunks of meat and noodles to the paste, you’d be having this bowl of Sup Bakso Padu over and over again.

This Oden one-pot dish is taking Singapore by storm and Dapur Asmah is quick to create the Oden paste for you Oden lovers! The paste itself is smooth, flavourful and packs a punch. When you add in your preferred ingredients like boiled eggs, fishcakes, crabs, you’ll be slurping its pipping hot broth with a bowl of white rice in your other hand!

Penang Hokkien Mee is a popular prawn noodle soup found in Penang, Malaysia. Sold by hawkers and street vendors, this noodle soup is popular throughout the day. Luckily for us, we need not travel to Penang to enjoy a bowl of Prawn Noodle Soup! Get addicted to the full flavour of shrimp broth with Dapur Asmah’s paste. To complete the dish, add the yellow noodles and of course prawns!

Folks, you don’t need to travel to Malacca to try out this classic dish! All you need is Dapur Asmah’s Ikan Bakar Portugis paste to prepare this wonderful and wholesome dish at the comfort of your own home! Prep and marinate the fish (of your choice) in banana leaves or aluminium foil before tossing it in the oven for a good grill!

A true favourite among chicken lovers, the spiced lemon Chicken paste contains an amazing concoction of spices including cloves, lemon, chilli, star anise and cinnamon, making this one of the most aromatic paste we’ve encountered! Simply toss in your fried drumlets or fried chicken into the paste (water added) and give it a good mix!

Price list: $6.90 for each paste
Opening hours: Mon – Sun (except Weds), 11am – 8pm
Contact details: +65 87803144
Founder’s names: Aishah Ahmad

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