Dapoer Q

Dapoer Q

Dapoer Q is a halal home based business in Singapore that delivers your food straight out from Minangkabau, Indonesia.  Minangkabau is a beautiful island located in West Sumatra. Rich in nature, Minangkabau is also rich in its culinary because of its spectacular spread of fresh ingredients of herbs and spices.

Dapoer Q is just one call away to give you THAT experience! Their homemade Ayam Goreng Bumbu, Rendang Sapi Minangkabau, Rendang Ayam Minangkabau, Ayam Pop, Udang Patai Balado, Jengkol Balado are dishes you’ve never needed to leave home to taste the authentic cuisine of Indonesia.

Rendang is a dish that originally comes from Minangkabau. What makes this dish unique – Rendang has to be thoroughly cooked roughly for 4 hours at low heat where the meat – either chicken or beef – are covered completely under a bed of herbs and spices. 4 hours may be a long time but the chefs think it’s worth the wait! Once done, the beautiful brown and tender meat and wonderful smell of Minangkabau wafts through the kitchen.

Ayam Goreng Bumbu is not simply fried chicken. Marinated in a passed-down generations secret recipe, Dapoer Q is extremely generous with the herbs and spices on this one. Every bite, you’re able to taste spices like bay leaves, lemon grass, garlic, candlenuts, ginger, galangal and much more. Hence, it’s really an explosion of spices in every mouthful. Whether you have it with steamed rice or not, Ayam Goreng Bumbu is delicious even on its own.

Go get your Beef rendang and Ayam Goreng Bumbu now. You can order by checking Dapoer Q’s Instagram- @dapoer_q_foods

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