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We often appreciate mom’s signature dishes and we tend to overlook the ones lovingly dished out by dads. At Dad’s Signature, Mr Asri, father and founder with a passion for cooking serves specialities including the traditional Turkish Saksuka and traditional Malay Nasi Minyak and Ayah Masak Merah.

As what you would expect in a Saksuka, this dish is made with poached eggs in a tomato-based gravy sauce. Using only premium and fresh ingredients, Saksuka is ultimately a rich vegetable and meat ragout recipe that is often eaten with flatbreads or toasts. Dad’s Signature of Saksuka has added ground beef, complimenting the herb and spice flavours, tomatoey sauce and eggs, to create a thoroughly satisfying, delicious dish. We truly love it!

Saksuka is traditionally a breakfast dish, and is a popular feature on brunch menus in many places around the world these days and Dad’s Signature Saksuka should definitely be on your list because it’s wholesome, super good and great for breakfast.

A re-invention of this traditional dish – the Coney Saksuka, Dad’s Signature recently created this to appeal to the younger generation. Served in hot, soft and fluffy sausage buns, the Coney Saksuka is equally filling and satisfying. Made with minced beef with tomato-based gravy with fresh herbs and spices and caramelized onions, the Coney Saksuka is a much needed fuel-me-up snack to have at any given day!

Other items on the menu worth trying also includes the Roti John Sabsuka, Nasi Minyak and Ayam Merah! These dishes are definitely for a larger crowd and you’d be loved for ordering these too!

Get your Saksuka and Coney Saksuka for your brunch needs for you and your loved ones.

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