Craving Crush

Brownies, Tiramisu, Chiffon Cakes

We love how Craving Crush really puts the fun in their desserts! Here you have tiramisu tucked cutely into potted vases where you literally have to dig your way through the dessert with a spade! Craving Crush, a Halal home based vendor, also specialises in delicious baked brownies and colourful chiffon cakes would make a spectacle at your party table!

Available in flavours Earl Grey, Classic Dalgano Biscoff and Matcha Green Tea, we love how soft and mildly flavoured it is without being too overwhelming. If you’re pairing it with your favourite afternoon beverage, it’s a definite pick me up. Even the little ones would warm up to the fun idea of scooping their tiramisu off the flower pots!

We love how the Classic Dalgano Biscoff is light and airy with the perfect blend of vanilla flavoured mousse sitting on a bed of Biscoff! For the Matcha Green Tea, the wonderful lightly sweet tiramisu is met with slightly bitter notes of the green tea in its aftertaste is simply heavenly.

The first impression of the chiffon cakes are simply breathtaking. With the pink Rose Chiffon with Cream Cheese Glaze and Rose Petals, Brown Aroma Coffee Chiffon Cake and Green Classic Pandan Chiffon Cake, it looks so inviting! Definitely a pro, Craving Crush chiffon cakes remains in its structure without any caving in. It is light, fluffy yet it still retains moisture and more importantly the flavours of Rose, Coffee and Pandan respectively. These cakes are definitely worth buying in bulk because it’s so easy to finish them off in one seating!

For the Classic Pandan, you’d even be rewarded with its Desiccated Coconut and Gula Melaka – oh how wonderful! The wonderful coffee aroma coming from the Aroma Coffee Chiffon Cake would entice any coffee lovers to eat it especially with its Buttercream Coffee and Coffee bits! The Rose Chiffon while colourful taste incredibly joyful especially when it is paired with its topping of Cream cheese glaze.

Available in Classic Sea Salt and Toasted Walnuts, we love these good pieces of chocolate cakes! Expect a lighter, airier texture to these brownies with a wonderful overall crunch from the sea salt of toasted walnuts!

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