Coffee Valley

Coffee ValleyCoffee Valley


At this Halal-supplied, no pork, no lard cafe,  you can make your very own brunch set from over 20 dishes. It even comes with a coffee, tea or orange juice.

Other dishes you can order are their Mixed Berries waffles with Vanilla Gelato, Red Velvet waffles with cream cheese frosting and Vanilla Gelato, Rose Cafe Latte Souffle cake, Matcha and Strawberry Souffle Cake,  Piccolo latte, Vanilla Cappuccino and their Hot Dark Cocoa drink.

Coffee Valley is “not halal certified, however, we don’t serve pork and lard. We get our poultry from halal-certified supplier. Some of our dessert (Tiramisu Cake) contains alcohol, our staff will remind our guest before ordering alcoholic food. Thank you so much for asking!” (via FB Messenger)

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