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By Rini @_byrini_ is a Halal home based baker that specialises in sweet treats such as Mixed berry Basque Cheesecake, Blackout Brownies and Popiah Skins!

While there were many to choose from, we managed to get our hands on By Rini Treasure Box which consists of:

2 Nutella filled Blackout Brownies
2 Mini Burnt Basque Cheesecakes
2 Small packs of Nestum/Horlicks Popiah Skin

The first look of the Blackout Brownies are no doubt stunning. With it’s dark exterior, one could only wonder how these brownies taste like! They were decadent, moist and definitely fudgey – everything you would expect a brownie to be. The black colour of these brownies further accentuates the decadence of this treat. With a melting nutella filling, it’s a definite pick-me-up especially after a hard day’s work!

The colour of these brownies come mainly from the black cocoa which is extra Dutch. What that means without getting too technical is it’s more alkaline than regular cocoa powder/

We love the size of these Mini Burnt Basque Cheesecakes. It’s the perfect serving for one especially when you’re one watching your diet. It’s rich and creamy with the perfect pairing with the fresh berries of raspberries and blueberries on top of it.

The Nestum/Horlicks Popiah Skin are definitely adds a super crunch to your snacks. Mildly sweet, these are a great alternative to your usual potato chips bingeing!

Grab your Treasure Boxes soon before they sold out!

Founder’s names: Rini Ezadora

1 review

  1. absolutely delicious!

    I love her cinnamon and nestum popiah skin aka layang layang . Absolutely crunchy and addictive!
    Her cheesecake is divine. Creamy and not too sweet which is exactly how I like my cheesecakes!
    Cannot wait to try her blackout brownies!

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