BurgStop is a Halal Home Based vendor specialising in delicious hearty homemade hamburgers. Its patties are essentially homemade along with the sauces that are generously layered in between the Brioche Bun Sandwich.

BurgStop has three flavours, El Fresca Chic Burger, Mentaiko Beef Burger and the Classic Cheese Burger and they are simply a joy to ravish especially after a hard day’s work!

The Classic Cheese Burger has double beef patties, quadruple cheese and smothered with homemade sauce and diced pickle. El Fresca Chic Burger consists of grilled chicken patty served with caramelised onions and bell peppers served with their specialty sauce and top with tortillas for the extra crunch. Mentaiko Beef Burger has homemade beef patty, top with sunny side up and rich mentaiko sauce with seaweed sprinkles.

Everyone has their favourite burger, find yours at BurgStop!

Price list:
Classic Cheese Burger. ($9.90/$11.90 set)

El Fresca Chic Burger ($7.90/$9.90 set)

Mentaiko Beef Burger ($8.90/$10.90 set)

Founder’s name and Contact: Elina 8949 9659

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