Banana Cakes

If you’re a baker, you would know that the best banana cakes are always the ones with most moist and dense interior, completely smelling of bananas! This is exactly the case of the banana cakes lovingly baked by Buelan, a Halal Home based bakery in Singapore!

Some historians have claimed that it was thrifty housewives looking to use up their overripe bananas who came up with the recipes for modern banana bread while others mentioned households needed to reduce waste and came up with ways to infuse additions which helped to stretch ingredients out!

Either way, no one can deny that banana cakes are delicious – even more from Buelan!

If you prefer the original, we would recommend the classic The Bulan Gibbous or Eclipse.

If you prefer to pair your classic banana cakes with luxurious chocolate callets, opt for The Twilight Gibbous or Eclipse.

Aside from the Bulan, This chocolate callet banana cake has a moist crumb with the taste of real bananas in every bite. Topped with Chocolate callets, it’s decadent and luxurious. It’s almost like eating banana cake covered in chocolate ganache and this cake will be a hit every single time!

Price list:
The Bulan
Gibbous 6″ – $15
Eclipse 8″ – $27

The Twilight
Gibbous 6″ – $22
Eclipse 6″ – $35

Delivery charges:
East – $5
South East/ North East – $7
Central – $8
South/ North/ West – $10

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