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Are you craving for delicious bread pudding and cookies? Look no further than Biskuitbyfk by Fhaz Khan! A Halal home based talented baker, Biskuitbyfk by Fhaz Khan bakes some serious Cheesy choc chip with raisin bread pudding, Choc chip with raisin bread pudding, Signature chocolate chips cookies, Signature cranberry cookies and Signature Butterscotch cookies!

In case you’re looking for an event to share these goodies with, Biskuitbyfk by Fhaz Khan should be your go to hbb for great treats!

Cheesy Choc Chip with raisin bread pudding
Decadent, rich and tasty, this dessert takes the winning prize all because of its super cheese! Especially if you haven’t tried bread pudding with cheese, this one would blow you away because you get a wonderful flavour of sweet, tangy, creamy, rich and cheesy all in a bite! The Bread pudding itself is soft to the palate and complements the vanilla sauce perfectly.

Choc chip with raisin bread pudding
If you prefer the classics, then Choc chip with raisin bread pudding is the one for you. This might look like the old-fashioned bread pudding and believe it, it’s comforting, it’s wholesome and we absolutely love it because it’s something you find absolute comfort indulging in especially with your loved ones. Pour as much vanilla sauce as you would like to make this sinfully good!

Signature chocolate chips cookies
Another classic, the Signature chocolate chips cookies is a sure win on any party table. A traditional choco chip cookie for the best family traditions. You can’t go wrong with these classic chocolate chip cookies from Biskuitbyfk by Fhaz Khan

Signature cranberry cookies
These biscuits are crispy and have a slight tangy taste of cranberries, quite addictive and you’ll definitely want to go for another bite.

Signature Butterscotch cookies
These are especially dedicated to those with that extra sweet tooth! Buttery, rich and caramel, that’s everything we love about the Signature Butterscotch cookies

Common ingredients used:
Premium SCS butter, grade A eggs, brown sugar, chocolate chips, USA cranberries, Turkey raisins, organic vanilla essence

Price list:
Bottle cookies starts from $8
Packet cookies starts as low as $1.20
(for bulk purchase)
Bread pudding starts from $6

Opening hours:
24/7 home-based, rain or shine

Contact details:
+65 9069 2725 /

Founder’s names:
Fhazilah Khan & Firshah

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