If you’re a laksa fan like us, ber.laksa cooks delicious homemade laksa for all your laksa cravings!

Ber.laksa is a Halal home based business that specialises in laksa in many different variations. Choose from fillings of cockles, mussels, prawns, Ber.laksa also cooks Laksa Johor, Laksa Combo and Laksa Nyonya.

As many would know, there are various recipes of laksa which is why the laksa dish have gained popularity in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia; and subsequently international recognition.

Ber.laksa uses fresh and premium ingredients. They are evidently used in every laksa bowl where the aromatic flavours are exactly what keeps us coming back for more. Fragrant and full of flavours of varying textures, each laksa is significantly different from another. From the broth itself, you could easily tell the uniqueness from a Laksa Johor to Curry Laksa.

For instance, Laksa Johor consists of coconut milk, kerisik, asam Gelugur, dried prawns, lemongrass, galangal, and spices akin to curry. The garnishing consists of slices of onion, beansprouts (taugeh), daun selasih, Vietnamese coriander or daun kesum, cucumber, and pickled white radish. sambal belacan. Curry Laksa on the other hand is a coconut-based curry soup. The main ingredients for most versions of laksa include hard boiled egg, bunga kantan, daun kesum, bird eye chilli, fish meat, bean curd puffs, fish sticks, shrimp, and cockles.

Try Ber.laksa today and you’d realise how easy it is to get hooked sipping on the broth of each laksa bowl!

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Founder’s names: Siti Zaitun

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  1. Lovely taste

    Very tasty.. the ingredients are well portioned and soup is great….

  2. Should try laksa johor add cockles n mussels!!!

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