We’re in love with the banana muffins from Banunanas! A home based Halal vendor specialising in many flavoured banana muffins, Banunanas is perfect as a gift box for your family and friends especially during this holiday season!

The home-bake bakery started by founders Nuna and Nas in August 2020 where they whipped out some delicious, freshly baked banana muffins. Adventurous and playful with the flavours they choose to include in the banana muffins, you can expect an array of flavours and colours from Banunanas.

Available in Original Banana flavour, Banunanas also has Chocolate chip, peanut butter, cheesy choco, choco mint, seasalt caramal, blueberry, cinnamon sugar and coconutty ondeh.

Packed in an adorable muffin cup, each banana muffin have a lovely baked colour, texture and flavours to it. A slight crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, we love how these banana muffins reminds us of our grandmama’s banana cakes.

While the more traditional flavours like chocolate chip, peanut butter and cinnamon sugar are a favourite among patrons, the Coconutty Ondeh flavour is for the more adventurous ones. Just like you would expect in the traditional Malay Ondeh ondeh kuih, it’s bright green hue with coconut flakes takes centrestage on this muffin. And when you bite into them, the sweet nutty palm sugar envelopes your tastebuds.

Banunanas is open 24 hours, meaning you can order yourself a muffin just by sending them a direct message on their Instagram @banunanas or contact the person in charge.

Contact details:

Nuna –  +6593385582
Nas – +6588153614

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