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Bakso – the mention of this dish should immediately bring you back to those times you needed to distress by having a hot pipping bowl of spicy bakso noodle soup! And when we tasted the Bakso from Halal home based Muslim owned vendor Bakso Cik Ully, we were truly thrilled!

Bakso is indeed one of the most popular street foods in Indonesia. Interestingly, the name bakso originated from bah-so which is the Hokkien pronunciation for “fluffy meat”! This suggests that bakso has Indonesian Chinese cuisine origin!

However, do skip that thought of having to go back to Jakarta for the authentic Mee Bakso because Bakso Cik Ully can definitely serve you a bowl (or two) of delicious Mee Bakso!

It’s two signatures include the Bakso served with bihun (rice vermicelli) and fried wontons and Mie ayam Bakso. It comes with a generous portion of bakso kuah (bakso broth) for you to slurp while watching your Netflix!

The Bakso refers to beef balls which is made of finely ground beef with a small quantity of tapioca flour and salt. What we love about these homemade bakso balls are its consistency in terms of its firmness and dense texture. We love how we get a hint of the beef umami taste that is not overpowered by any MSG seasoning. They are chewy, bouncy and succulent – certainly the little ones can definitely appreciate too!

The Bakso Bihum is served with the thin white noodle, finely chopped cabbages, stuffed meat tofu and of course, the main star of the dish – the bakso! There is also the huge Bakso Granat (you can choose if you want M or L, haha) where it contains more chilli padi with quail egg for that extra kick.

The Mie Ayam Bakso is equally satisfying where the use of the thin yellow noodles complements the overall flavours of the Bakso dish. Served with a good portion of chicken, acar and veggies, you would definitely want to give this a try too!

Price list: $7-$12
Opening hours: Orders are usually for weekends. Weekdays are open if purchase is above $50

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  1. Best bakso soup!

    My husband who does not have adventurous tastebuds, loves the dishes from here!!

  2. Bakso yummyyy….

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