Bakso Bibik Podas

Bakso Bibik Podas

Who doesn’t love a hot and soothing bowl of Bakso Soup? It’s the most comforting food out there regardless if you’re in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia. Bakso Soup can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whenever you’re down or up, Bakso bowl makes the perfect comfort food!

Bakso Bibik Podas is a Halal Home-based Business dishing out all kinds of Bakso with varying sizes of small to jumbo-sized ones.

Bakso from Bakso Bibik Podas is made with quality fresh grounded beef and the stock are made from beef bones and fats. Fresh coriander and spring onion is also used as the final touches to give this Bakso soup an aromatic finish. Complete your Bakso dish with the homemade sambal, tauge, chy sim, and fried onion for condiments.

The sambal complementing the bakso soup can be very addictive. You just might end up finishing all the sambal in one sitting so be sure to have a glass of water (or two) beside you!

But for those who aren’t a fan of spicy dishes, fret not because the Bakso broth in itself is very aromatic such that you’d enjoy slurping the soup right till the last drop.

Menu & Price list:

Bakso Kuah – $7
Bakso Jumbo – $12
Bakso Mercun – $15
Bakso Beranak – $15
Bakso Jejaka – $15
Bakso Telur – $15
Bakso Berendam – $12

Contact details: Fai – 90706096

For more information you can check them out on their Instagram- @bakso.bibik.podas

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