Bakes by ATQ


Chocolate Chip Cookies. Ultra crisp and light – exactly how we love how these cookies were made by Halal home based baker Bakes by ATQ @bakesbyatq.

Other than these wonderful bite-sized cookies, Bakes by ATQ also bakes delicious Old Skool crunchy cornflakes cookies and the ever so decadent Basque Burnt Cheesecake!

Like many, one of our earliest childhood association with chocolate chip cookies stems from the sweet scent of caramelised cookies that wafts into your nose, surrounding you in an almost intoxicating scent.

These caramelised chocolate cookies studded with compound chocolate chips, you’ll know how addictive they are once you’ve had the chance to try them!

The Old Skool crunchy cornflakes cookies are equally fascinating. Once you start, you can’t seem to stop. It’s super light, airy and again, bite-sized – making this one of the easiest cookie to gobble up in seconds!

Bakes by ATQ Basque Burnt Cheesecake is simply a show-stopper. With fresh strawberries and blueberries topping on this perfectly baked cheesecake, it’s everything you would expect in a basque cheesecake. The creamy filling with a contrasting dark top and edges, you’d love the rich warm notes of molasses and caramel on this one.

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