Ayamak SG

Ayamak SG

Ayamak SG is a Halal Home Based vendor in Singapore specialising in marinated frozen Signature Flavoured Ayam Berempah!

Comes in various flavours and marination like the original Ayam Berempah, Thai Basil, DAKGALBI, marinated Korean boneless chicken, sotong berempah and more, it’s worth purchasing more than a pack and storing them in the fridge especially for lazy days!

Extremely versatile, you can choose to either deep-fry, air-fryer or sauté the chicken pieces to your liking. Great for party snacking and family gatherings, these are also ideal for lunch or dinner where you can easily dig in with a plate of steamed rice.

The marinated chicken are never too salty which makes this a great protein option especially if you have little ones in the house!

Add them in your quinoa salad, or make a chicken sandwich with it, the options are limitless! Grab your packs now!

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