Ayam Warriors

Marinated Frozen Chicken Wings

Sambal Chicken is a Singaporean favourite and there are many variations towards it depending on makers ethnic and culture background.

If you’re one who loves spice and chilli in their chicken wings, look no further than Halal Home Based Business Ayam Warriors! @ayamwarriorsg

Not only are these chicken wings flavourful and aromatic, they are absolutely delicious!

The use of fresh blended ingredients including garlic, red chillies and onions truly brings out the natural flavours of the chicken wings. It’s delicious even on its own!

Alternatively, these chicken wings can be paired with with plain rice or butter rice.

Do note that these sambal chicken wings comes in three levels of spicyness, namely Spicy, Xtra Spicy and Insane. Marinated overnight with the delicious spices, Ayam Warriors sells them frozen by the packs!

And guess what? Ayam Warriors even sell the Sambal Marination Sauce so that you can choose to marinate on your own!

Ayam Warrior’s black pepper is another Signature flavour you wouldn’t want to give a miss too. Highly recommended, these wings would be gone from your party table in no time. Flavours of black pepper, soy sauce and curry leaves bursts in every mouthful; this wings are really addictive! If you’re thinking of an afternoon snack, Ayam Warrior Black Pepper Chicken wings should be your pick!

The Black Pepper flavour is a tad special and unique because it contains curry leaves – something we don’t usually find in black pepper recipes. This is why the black pepper chicken wings from Ayam Warrior has a characteristic flavour of nutty citrus-lemongrass aroma which we absolutely love. With the generous addition of grainy black pepper, these chicken wings are incredibly yummy!

Again, you can choose to pair these wings with a rice or noodle dish but if you’re like us who love to savour wings on its own, these wings makes a great party snack!

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