Awesomely Burnt Cheesecake

Awesomely Burnt Cheesecake

Awesomely Burnt Cheesecake is a Halal Home Based Bakery that specialises in Basque Burnt Cheesecake! Nurellisya, its founder makes the ever so popular Basque Burnt Cheesecake and this cheesecake is really addictive.

Super rich and creamy on the inside, from the moment you slice it, the moist and molten insides oozes its way through it’s so satisfying just to watch.

Indulging in a dense and rich cheesecake; one that is moist and packed with rich cheesy goodness in one. However, recently, burnt cheesecakes have been changing the game for this classic dessert. And Awesomely Burnt Cheesecake is cheesecake heaven and it is the culmination of a slight obsession. It is jiggly, creamy, rich and oh so lovely for teatime or anytime you’re craving for something luxuriously creamy!

Common ingredients used: eggs, quality cream cheese, whiping cream, eggs, vanilla essence etc and all are halal cetified

Price list: $30 per cake (6inch)
$5 delivery islandwide

Opening hours: pre orders open every sat 8pm . Orders: Monday to Friday
Contact details: DM at IG awesomelyburntcheesecake

Founder’s names: Nurellisya

1 review

  1. Pd mula saya agak ragu2 maklumlah tak pernah mencuba burnt cheese cake n perkaraan “burnt”sudah cukup meragukan.. boleh kemkn setelah burnt!

    Ternyata saya silap.. ALHAMDULILLAH saya memberanikan diri utk mencuba!

    MASYAA’ALLAH.. cuba sekali.. kini berulang2kali setiap kali teringinkan burnt cheese cake .. the finger does the walking! Sekali mencuba tak puas rasanya..

    Keluarga saya juga setuju serta akui .. its tremendously the best!

    Tq for taking our orders !

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