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If you stop by Asprek Delivery, you’d be amazed with the variety of fusion Asian-western cuisine there is for everyone. From Chicken Rice to Geprek Burgers to Mie Indo Geprek to your local favourites like Lontong and Mee Siam, the choices are abundant and you’d be spoilt for choice! Asprek Delivery, a Halal Muslim owned vendor that’s also spearheading @burgerprek @nasiayamprek and @wakloooo

Located at Woodlands North Plaza (115 Canberra), Asprek Delivery Signatures include the Nasi Ayam Geprek (Geprek Chicken Rice), Geprek burgers also known as burgerprek, IndoMie Gepreak which we managed to get our hands on!

What we can truly appreciate are sloppy burgers! And Burgerprek certainly does not disappoint. It’s spicy yet flavourful with the generous amount of Geprek Chilli sambal smothered all over its beef patties. Certainly satisfying and filling, this is one burger that’s fit for a King!

If you’re adventurous and really hungry, you’d be digging into their triple deck BurgerMok with its dripping sauces, semi-cooked egg yolks, cheese and chilli. It’s a mess and we truly don’t care!

This Nasi Ayam Geprek is a stunner. An outer crisp layer encased soft and tender chicken courtesy of being slow cooked for many hours before frying. A myraid of spices are used which seep into the meat so that every bite is full of flavour! Of course, with its sambal, there’s that extra kick of spice. It’s spicy yet incredibly delicious!

It’s common knowledge that everyone in Jakarta, stalls sell their own version of Indomie Ayam Geprek so much so that this dish is an Indonesian staple! The noodles here are spicy, light yet tasty. They are springy and have that al-dente texture to it which we love. Paired with the mouth-watering crisp on the outside and soft in the inside Ayam Geprek, it’s so good!

Chilli Sambal kicap is a spicy sweet soy sauce dip and is a favourite condiment for dishes in Indonesia. Typically used for dishes like ikan bakar (grilled fish), seafood and even bakso (soup noodles), Asprek Delivery cleverly induce this for the Nasi Ayam Chilli Kicap dish! We absolutely love the initial sweet flavour followed by a lingering spiciness thanks to the use of cili padi! Have Chilli Kicap Chicken along with a steaming plate of white rice, you’d be so satisfied!

@wakloooo Drinks Refreshment
Quench your thirst with Wakloooo’s refreshments. Their signatures include:
Thai milk tea
Thai green milk tea
Special Bandung
Corn milk
Rose syrup cocktail
Blueberry longan
Blackcurrant coco
Pineapple Cocktail

They are tasty and make the best pairing with your spicy Geprek meals! Get yours today! Islandwide Delivery available.

Founder’s Name:
Ferman & Faris

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