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Afterwit is a Halal restaurant-cafe serving Halal foods particularly Halal Mexican food in Singapore. The founders of Afterwit are also the founders of (working title), and The Mad Sailors. Afterwit was inspired by an afterthought of pairing Mexican-influenced fare with an indie cafe experience.

Firstly, on their menu, they serve tacos. Choose from a variety of flavours including Chicken and Cajun Sauce, Beef Dendeng, DUCK A LA MANGO which is Smoked Duck and Mango Puree or GARLIC HONEY MUSHROOM (Portobello mushrooms and Garlic Honey Sauce). Also, be sure to try their GARLIC MAYO SHRIMP (Shrimps and Garlic Mayo) and LIME BUTTER CRAB (Mud Crab and Lime Butter Sauce).

Secondly, they also serve burritos. Specifically, their burritos are packed with guacamole, Mexican -style rice, mozzarella and fresh pico de gallo. Also, not to mention whole black beans with a mix of spices and sauces. Essentially, this is guaranteed to tingle your taste buds. Furthermore, on weekends, they serve specials. These include TACOS DE DESAYUNO. These are three 6″ tacos, filled with scrambled eggs, fresh pico de gallo and guacamole served with corn chips. Also served is the tomato herb sauce and a lime wedge.

You’ll be able to choose from caramelised mushrooms or pulled beef. In addition, they also have TORTAS CANGREJO Y AGUACATE. These are mud crabs in a toasted brioche with a guacamole spread and cheddar. Also included are fresh pico de gallo and a sunny side up served with corn chips and salad.

Moreover, Afterwit serves tortilla pizzas and quesadillas.

Don’t forget desserts! Try their Churros. Otherwise, have a go at their TACOS DE CHOCOLATE PLATANO which are three/two 6” dessert tacos with a peanut butter spread, bananas, fruit loops with dark chocolate sauce.

Find their menu here.

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