Vadei Wadeh

Acheymama (what an adorable name!) is a Muslim owned Halal vendor specialising in Vadei! Located in Singapore, Acheymama serves you freshly made fried plain and prawns Vadei for your every occasion.

A little fun fact about Vadei or Wadeh as some commonly call it has historical roots in India. In the vast country of India however, these delicious dough fritters are known as Vada. Deep fried to perfection, Vadei may look so unassuming but it is packed with flavours simply because it is made of a beautiful blend of fresh spices including onions, green chillies, ginger, coriander leaves and curry leaves.

To be in the kitchens of Acheymama would simply be in a spice heaven.

Acheymama makes them homemade which is why the first moments when you sink your teeth in it, it’s soft, spongey and your tastebuds explode with the flavourful spices.

The sweet prawns used are fresh which compliments the dough so well that Acheymama vadei makes a lovely snack during the afternoon.

Forget the sweet desserts and opt for a savoury one particularly Acheymama Vadei!

Acheymama provides the frozen version, where you can have it any time of the day! It’s so convenient. That way, you can have it while it’s still warm and crispy.

How to order?

Go to their Instagram @acheymama


Fried Wadeh
Plain $0.60/pcs
Prawn $1/pcs
Minimum order 20pcs

Frozen Wadeh
Plain $5/pkt (10 pcs)
Prawn $9/pkt (10 pcs)
No Minimum order

Epok- Epok

Potato & Sardine $7/pkt (10 pcs)

Mini Frozen Tahun Bagedil (22 pcs)


(Chili kicap included)

Contact details: +6584803654

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