To Eat or Not to Eat: Halal Korean Restaurants in Malaysia

You would think that finding a Halal Korean Restaurant in Malaysia would be easy. Here, we ask the important questions to these Halal Korean Restaurants in Malaysia because to be in doubt, it's essential to first verify before we say Bismillah.
What’s in that Bowl of Bibimbap?

You would think that finding a Halal Korean Restaurant in Malaysia would be easy. After all, Malaysia is a Muslim country with more than half of its population Muslims. They are plenty of Halal Korean restaurants that are Halal-certified by JAKIM. While some are Halal-supplied, others are pork-and-alcohol free. Trying to sieve through the restaurants are tricky but here’s a guide to do so!


“Thank you for your message. We don’t have halal certificate, but we serve halal certificated meat and pork free, alcohol free. And almost ingredients have halal certificate. Don’t worry about it. So we have a lot of muslim regular customers.”

By Soopong Facebook Messenger


Choo Choo Chicken

Choo Choo Chicken
Choo Choo Chicken
“Hi. We do not have any more outlets in sg. While in Malaysia, we are using halal certified chicken, we don’t use alcoholic ingredients and we don’t serve alcohol in our premises. Hope this clarifies. Thanks!”
By Choo Choo Chicken Messenger


Halal-certified by JAKIM.


B.Bap Korean
“Hi! Thank you for your inquiry.

Our restaurant is free from pork and alcohol & our food preparation practice and meat supplies are from halal source. Thanks!” 

By B.Bap Korean Facebook Messenger


Seoul Garden
Seoul Gardens
Seoul Garden is Halal-certified by JAKIM. Check out 5 things you didn’t know about Halal Seoul Garden here!


Dubu dubu Seoul Food / Dubuyo

“We’re in the midst of applying for JAKIM certificate. All products have halal certificate. Meats supplied are halal. Alcohol free. No alcohol in cooking.”

Phone call at 03-2141 1953 to Dubuyo Berjaya times Square at 2PM 20 April, 2018.



“Meats are halal-supplied. Alcohol is served on premises. Alcohol including Carlsberg, tiger, Heineken, Guinness stout and corona.”

Phone call at 03-2143 2189 (Bukit Bintang branch Koryo Won) at 2PM 20 April 2018.


Bulgogi Brothers

Photo Credits: Mahamahu3
Photo Credits: Mahamahu3

HalalKe has emailed and called but no response.

Called 03-7727 2257 (The Curve branch) & 03-7887 3541 (Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya Branch) but to no avail.

Update: Bulgogi Brothers Shuts Down All Outlets in Malaysia
Da On Fine Korean Cuisine
Da On Fine

“Alcohol are sold on premises.

We are pork free. However, we do not have a halal certificate because we also have an alcohol license. Many of our customers are Moslems too. Hope that answers your question. Thank you for your interest in Da On.”

By Da On Management Facebook Messenger


K Street
“Greetings from K Street~

Thank you for your inquiry.

All our ingredients & cooking process is monitored by our executive chef Syed Syazwan bin Syed Shukor, and we have already submitted our application to Jakim and currently in the process of auditing.

And we do NOT carry or sell any alcoholic ingredients / beverages like some other ‘pork free’ restaurants.

So you may feel absolutely comfortable  & safe when visiting our outlet to enjoy your favorite Korean dishes~

감사합니다. 꼭 만나요~”

Email by Andrew Young Seok Kim dated 21 March 2018


GoGung Korean

“All meats are halal-supplied. No alcohol involved in the cooking.”

We used to sell alcohol on the premises but its license has not been renewed with no plans to renew in the future.”

Phone call to Gardens Mall GoGung restaurant. 2PM. 20 April 2018.


Mr Dakgalbi Restaurant 
Mr Dakgalbi


“Yes meats all form halal sources.”

By Mr Dakgalbi Facebook Messenger


BBQ Chicken Malaysia
BBQ Chicken Malaysia
“At the moment, only Cyberjaya and Setapak Outlet are certified with Jakim Halal. The rest of the outlets are still in the mist of applying Jakim halal certificate. However, the ingredients for all outlets are certified halal. Hope this information can help you”

By BBQ Chicken Malaysia Facebook Messenger


Ko Hyang
Ko Hyang
“For your info we use to have international Halal Cert previously but not Jakim as recognized by Malaysia, our meat and ingredients from halal suppliers and we have Muslim staffs to check and take care of the food preparation too. Please let us know if you need further info. We very welcome you and family.”

By Ko Hyang Facebook Messenger


Gangnam Station Restaurant

Gangnam Station

“We dont halal jakim certificate yet but our meats and all are from halal suppliers. Owner is muslim.”

By Gangnam Station Facebook Messenger


Gangnam 88
Gangnam 88

“hi. sir. we are non halal. we have pork beef and chicken all. thanks and just try and enjoy gangnam88”

By Gangnam 88 Facebook Messenger


GangNam Oppa BBQ
GangNam Oppa BBQ
“Not Halal. Pork is sold on premises along with alcohol.”

By GangNam Oppa BBQ Facebook Messenger


MyeongDong Topokki
Myeong Dong

“Annyeonghaseyo! we do not have any alcohol served in our premises. We are still in process on getting official halal certificate but all our suppliers are locals and halal certified.”

By MyeongDOng Topokki Facebook Messenger


K.Fry Urban Korean

Annyeong! Thank you for messaging us!  We do not have a Halal Certificate. But we have a strict No Pork No Lard No Alcohol policy in the restaurant. Our chicken & meats are from Halal certified suppliers. Our Suppliers’ Halal certificates are available for in store review. Hope this helps you! Thank you.”

By K.Fry Facebook Messenger


“For your information, we are currently waiting for our HALAL certificate for all our outlets. However, our management is fully aware of the dietary needs of our Muslim friends; as such, our ingredients and chickens are sourced solely from JAKIM certified suppliers. No alcohol or pork is used in our kitchens or food served to customers. In fact, 99{a6f1d5f0e2780f863d365672824f841c2ff5deac4ec481f2bbb91d81c9f64eea} of our ingredients are already halal certified by JAKIM and IFANCA, an association recognised by JAKIM. The balance ingredients which have not been certified are plant-based products imported from Korea, hence need more time to get certified. We have also streamlined all our business practices according to halal guidelines.

While we take great care to ensure all good prepared and served to our customers are halal, pork-free, and alcohol-free, we do have 3 premises (Pearl Shopping Gallery, Penang G-Hotel, SkyAvenue Genting) serving alcohol to customers. The alcohol is prepared in a separate bar area, using different glassware and washed in a separate area away from all the plates and utensils we use to serve our food. This is permissible by JAKIM and is similar to the operation of hotels in Malaysia where the food served is halal or pork and alcohol-free, but they also serve alcohol on the premises.

Hope this information helps.

Thank You.


KyoChon Malaysia

Via Email dated 7 March 2018


Oiso Korean
Oiso Korean Restaurant
Hi boss. We use all local supplied halal meat but selling some liquor in shop in seperate cup and glasses. infood we dont put any alcohol”

By Oiso Korean Facebook Messenger


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